«VYTOKY» is a project that presents the Ukrainian national costume as an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration.

Vytoky Black & White
Vytoky Black & White



«VYTOKY Black & White» project has demonstrated one more time the uniqueness of the ethno style and the richness of the traditional Ukrainian costume.

October the 18th 2015, «VYTOKY Black & White» project was presented again on the 37th Ukrainian Fashion Week. During a huge fashion show, the Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History has shown a collection of unique traditional clothes in black and white colors. Women’s clothes from different historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine were demonstrated by the models of the “Supermodel po-ukrainsky” TV show.

There were also presented ethnical musical instruments, jewellery, furniture, old photographs from private collections together with the artworks of Ukrainian contemporary artists and object designers. Exposition of the project was based on the idea of fusion and contrast of modern artworks and traditional Ukrainian artifacts

A range of artworks of Ukrainian contemporary artists as Tiberiy Silvashi, Anna Naduda, Oleksandr Babak, Alina Maksimenko, Valeria Trubina, Victor Melnichuk, Anatoliy Gankevich and Ivan Prykhodko, have become a part of the exposition.


“Supermodel po-ukrainsky” TV-show (Novyi channel)


Drømmel Ukraine

“Shlyakhetniy odiag” TM

NGO “Creative union of the renovators of the traditional folk crafts”

National Center of Folk Culture “Ivan Honchar Museum”

Center of Ukrainian embroidery and costume “Oriyana”

“Den” newspaper