«VYTOKY» is a project that presents the Ukrainian national costume as an inexhaustible source of ideas and inspiration.

Vytoky Red & White
Vytoky Red & White



On March the 21th, 2015, the presentation of the «VYTOKY» project was held on Ukrainian Fashion Week in Kiev. It was dedicated to traditional Ukrainian women’s costume and its influence on modern fashion.

The Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History directed by Marichka Kvitka presented ethnic clothes from private collections. The models of the «Supermodel po-ukrainsky» TV-show showed women’s wear from different historical and ethnographic regions of Ukraine. About 20 looks in white and red colors, which consisted of shirts, waistcoats, pinafores, belts, shawls, shoes, wreaths, jewelry and other accessories were presented during the fashion show. The project was supported by the National Center of Folk Culture “Ivan Honchar Museum”.

The fact that the project not only introduces the Ukrainian national costume as one important part of national identity, but also integrates national heritage in modern life, makes it unique. Moreover, it shows a splendid Ukrainian fashion that existed in Ukraine one century ago, showing never-before-seen elegance and aesthetics of the people.


Curator and initiator of the project

Marichka Kvitka

Project Manager

Valery Topal

Art director

Lyudmila Sivtseva-Klimuk

Academic consultant

Yuriy Melnychuk


Dmitry Komissarenko


“Supermodel po-ukrainsky” TV-show (Novyi channel)

National Center of Folk Culture “Ivan Honchar Museum”

Maisternya «Makoviya»

Maisternya "Ladosvit"

Maisternya of Maria Poshyvaylo

"Mrii Marii" store

“Shlyakhetniy odiag” TM

NGO "Center for Research and Revitalization of Volyn"

Center of Ukrainian embroidery and costume “Oriyana”

Authentic costumes from private collections were provided by

Yuriy Melnychuk, Bogdan Petrychuk, Olena Skrypka, Natalia Chabanyuk, Afanasiev family («Vidkryta skrynya» collection)