«Shchyri» is a charity project dedicated to Ukrainian traditional costume and it’s popularization.




«Shchyri» calendar is created by a common charity initiative of Domosfera and Gres Todorchuk PR, with support of Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History. Famous Ukrainians have become heroes of the «Shchyri» project: singers Tina Karol and Anna Zavalska, designers Elena Reva and Natalia Kamenskaya, TV-presenters Masha Efrosinina, Solomiya Vitvytska, Regina Todorenko, Marichka Padalko and Olga Freimut, actress Ada Rogovtseva with her daughter and grand-daughter, winner of the Olympics 2016 in Rio gymnast Ganna Rizatdinova, musician Dmitriy Shurov with his family, and Nata Zhyzhchenko (ONUKA) with Evgeniy Filatov (The Maneken).

«Color» was chosen to be the main theme of the project. The best authentic clothing from the end of the XIX — the beginning of the XX centuries was selected for the shooting.

«Shchyri» project was launched as a charity initiative, – says the organizer of the project, managing director of «Domosfera» Natalia Kravets. – We aimed to show how beautiful the Ukrainian traditional costume was, and to raise money for the volunteers who take care of the wounded soldiers at the Kyiv military hospital. Now «Shchyri» is more about research. We are telling the story of the ornaments and colors, traditions and symbols. We covered more than 3000 km in search of stories, museums and collectors of the Ukrainian traditional costume. I can say that the situation is very complicated – regional museums don’t receive sufficient budgeting, priceless costumes are stored under improper conditions, collections are not classified. So this year «Shchyri» project has to goals – to tell about the variety and the richness of Ukrainian costume and to raise money to support regional museums.

Natalia Kravets

We tended to amaze with colorfulness and unique exoticism of Ukrainian traditional clothing, – says the shooting stylist Marichka Kvitka. – Colors that are trendy this season were very popular at the end of the XIX – beginning of the XX century. With discovery of the aniline colour in the 1850’s purple, crimson, blue and other technicolors acquired vogue in city and village fashion. They also dyed the fabric with natural colours: elder, oak bark, black alder. For example, blue color was produced from indigo plant, red color – from cochineal insects, golden color was acquired by baking the oil-treated threads in a loaf of bread. From violet skirts of Polissya to pumpkin-color vyshyvankas of Bukovyna was the gamma of the looks of this project.

Marichka Kvitka



Marichka Kvitka, Antonina Belinska


Ludmila Sivtseva-Klymuk


Svitlana Rymakova, Natalia Strilchuk, Karolina Mavardi


Olena Tvelina, Andriy Poletaev, Olena Krupchinska


Tata Verbe


Dmytro Peretrutov, Andriy Gorb, Olexander Pilyuguin

Authentic costumes

Volodymyr Shchybrya, Olena Skrypka, Yuriy Melnychuk, Dmytro Paradizov, Olena Didyk, Diana Gomenyuk, Afanasiev family (“Vidkrita skrynia” collection), National center of folk culture “Ivan Honchar Museum”, Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History and Museum of folk architecture and culture “Shevchenkiv huy”.


replicated by MAKOVIYA and «Ladosvit» ateliers.