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«Shchyri» is a charity project dedicated to Ukrainian traditional costume and it’s popularization.

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6 looks in 2 minutes — a special project, dedicated to the Pokrova holiday, launched by Vogue.ua with support of Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History.

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7 looks in 2 minutes — a special project, dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine, launched by Vogue.ua with support of Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History.

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«VIDVAZHNI» is a retrospective show of the revolution clothes dedicated to the Day of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes.

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VYTOKY Black & White

«VYTOKY» is a project dedicated to traditional Ukrainian material culture from the origins to nowadays.

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VYTOKY Red & White

«VYTOKY» project is called to tell again about Ukrainian national costume as about an endless source — source of inspiration, source of ideas.

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Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History — the first interactive center of historical and modern clothing in Ukraine. The Institute is a space for temporary exhibitions, thematic and educational activities and research projects in the field of fashion.


The Institute defines its mission as not only to demonstrate and storage unique artistic artifacts. Primarily it is a place of inspiration for the new generation of creative people. At the same time it is a platform for exchange of ideas and constant generation of new projects in the fashion industry. It brings together designers, scientists, artists, researchers and completists.

Among other activities the Institute planned a full program of constantly changing exhibitions, which will allow him to show the diversity and richness of costumes of the inhabitants of Ukraine from ancient times to the present day.

The planned exhibition projects will acquaint visitors not only with clothes of different eras, but also they will demonstrate accessories, fabrics, embroideries and textiles of Ukraine, as well as a great selection of photographs, drawings, sketches, which can help you to trace the major fashion trends. This organization creates a strong feeling of belonging to the people of extremely rich national and historical heritage. It raises the level of consciousness of citizens, creating a positive image of Ukraine and promoting it as a country with ancient art traditions; it also influences the formation of artistic taste and aesthetic ideals of the future. Ukrainian Institute of Fashion History is created with support of Zagoriy Family Foundation.